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The vision of Convergence Church Network is to see ever-increasing numbers of vibrant local churches and biblically informed leaders who are unapologetically committed to the functional authority of God’s Word and the practical experience of the full range of charismatic gifts and the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit.

It is clear from this vision statement that Convergence Church Network is, in a sense, a single-issue association of churches. Even if other matters are deemed important, the Network's primary purpose is to assist, instruct, and encourage local church pastors and elders in effectively implementing Word and Spirit in the body's life.

Having said that, there is always the possibility that as the network grows, it takes on additional tasks that will assist its member churches. What those tasks may prove to be is undetermined.

Convergence Core Values

Gospel-Centrality. We value gospel centrality, with our focus on the sinless life, penal substitutionary death, bodily resurrection, ascension, and exaltation of Jesus Christ as the only hope for reconciliation with God.

Word & Spirit. We value both intellectual precision in the interpretation of Scripture and passionate, heartfelt, Spirit-awakened affection in our love for and worship of our Triune God.

Christian Hedonism. We value the principles of Christian Hedonism, according to which God’s greatest glory is found in our passionate and joyful satisfaction in him.

Missional. We value gospel-centered, Spirit-empowered evangelism and mission as we take the good news to a lost and dying world (1 Corinthians 2:4).

Prophecy. We value the biblical exercise of the spiritual gift of prophecy for the edification and building up of the church.

Centrality of the Local Church. We value the role of the local church in bringing the truths of God’s Word to bear on the life and culture of the surrounding community.

Expositional Preaching. We value the importance of faithful, expository preaching of God’s authoritative Word.

Ethnic Diversity. We value the multi-ethnic composition of the kingdom of God and the local church.