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Simply put, Convergence Church Network is NOT a denomination.

As shared in the CCN Purpose & Rationale, denominations are characterized by the oversight and governing control of elected officials who exercise control over member churches. Denominations are hierarchical, while networks are relational. Denominations also engage in some level of church planting and global missionary support, which typically requires a much broader doctrinal agreement from its member churches.

What Convergence Does NOT Provide

Since the network is not itself a church, it will not participate in the ordination of anyone to pastoral ministry. We believe this is the responsibility of the elders in each local church.

Whereas the leadership of the network believes passionately in the importance of church planting, we will not, at least initially, engage directly in such, nor will we promise financial assistance to those who do. However, member churches can certainly support in both prayer and financial assistance to other churches that are engaged in church planting.

We believe that church planting is an expression of the ministry values of each individual local church and should be undertaken and supported as God leads the Elders of those churches. When possible, CCN will provide instructional principles that will assist local churches in church planting and implementing a Word-Spirit ministry philosophy.

As the network develops, there may come a time when we are able to engage in a meaningful ministry of church planting. However, this requires the resources, finances, and personnel to support a residency for prospective church planters and the resources to make it successful. But we want to be cautious in not making any promises in this regard lest we fail to meet the expectations of those who choose to affiliate with us.

Although the leadership of the network will provide written and video resources to aid local churches in addressing the many issues that arise, we cannot be expected to adjudicate matters of church discipline or provide counsel on the hiring or termination of church employees. These matters are the responsibility of the Elders of each local church. However, once again, to the extent that leadership is able, wise counsel will be provided when possible.

The network is committed to operating on a minimal financial basis and, thus, at least in its initial stages of existence, will not be in any position to supply churches with monetary assistance.

Who Convergence Will NOT Welcome

As mentioned in our detailed Theological Convictions, the following unbiblical beliefs and broadly Pentecostal/Charismatic practices are unacceptable within CCN circles and will exclude any pastor or church that affirms them.
  • Advocates of the Word of Faith movement
  • Advocates of the so-called “Prosperity” gospel
  • Advocates of the so-called NAR (New Apostolic Reformation)
  • Advocates of the doctrine of initial physical evidence of speaking in tongues (note: belief that baptism in the Spirit is separate from and subsequent to conversion is not a disqualifying factor, but the doctrine of initial physical evidence of speaking in tongues is; it should be noted that the Board will lead the Network based on a commonly held belief that Spirit baptism happens for all believers at the time of conversion; this is entirely compatible with affirming the reality of multiple, post-conversion encounters with the Holy Spirit)
  • Whereas the so-called Five-Fold Ministry (Ephesians 4:11) is affirmed as a legitimate expression of Christian ministry, CCN stands opposed to the idea that these five (perhaps four) giftings are designed by the Apostle Paul to serve as a blueprint for all local church governance. The latter is under the authority of a plurality of qualified men. Moreover, any notion that local church health, spiritual growth, and power depend on having the five-fold gifts functioning as authoritative offices is not permitted.
  • Strategic spiritual warfare, understood as the active seeking out and confrontation with territorial spirits, is not permitted among member churches of CCN.
  • Churches opposed to the public/platform ministry of prophecy must, at minimum, be willing to learn and eventually embrace this exercise of that spiritual gift.
  • Churches that permit or encourage the public expression of tongues (whether understood as a gift or a private prayer language) without interpretation will not be admitted into CCN.